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Functioned as a mobile phone, this device will actively call out to the specified 3G phone number with the live video transmitted when any motion is detected and an alarm is triggered.
This device is designed to work with the System Integration DVR (SI-DVR) to provide instant and mobile surveillance by using the PSTN fixed line.
One controller controls all devices, this product is compatible with all our PTZ cameras, DVR and door access control.
DCCS01 is a DVR / Camera Communication System control box, which allows users to upgrade their current non-DCCS surveillance system to have all the advantages that DCCS cameras can bring quickly and easily.
This IR remote controller is especially designed for 16CH / 8CH MPEG4 DVR and allows you to control the full functions of your DVR and PTZ camera, giving you the flexibility and convenience for surveillance controlling.
The popularity of LCD monitors is larger than CRT monitors nowadays, and the market share of LCD monitors has reached over 50%. Dump your old VGA converter!!
VGA01 is especially designed to work with your LCD monitor, and it is definitely the best professional converter & the power supply is provided by DVR which is worth to have.
The price of SATA HDD is now similar with the IDE HDD, but has better heat dissipation performance and stability. In the future, there won't be any IDE HDD in the market.
Compared with traditional cabling for network cameras, this kit allows users to transfer electrical power and data to remote devices over only one cable in an Ethernet network.

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